Dote Nabe Hiroshima Oyster & Pork Hot Pot

For 4
Cooking time:
30 mins
Swanson Pork Bone Broth 1L
Hiroshima oysters 10 pcs
Miso 100 g
Somen sauce 2tbsp
Bonito powder 1 tbsp
Cabbage ½ pc
Tofu 1 block (sliced)
Scallion 1 stalk (sliced)
Shimeji mushrooms 80 g
Shiitake mushrooms 4 pcs (sliced)
Garlic chives 50g (sectioned)
Dust the Hiroshima oysters with cornstarch, then rinse with water, drain and set aside.
Spread a layer of miso along the edge of the pot and place all ingredients inside.
Add and mix somen sauce and bonito powder with Swanson Pork Bone Broth in the pot. Boil for 3-5 minutes under medium to low heat with lid. Ready to serve.

The choice of miso can be customised according to individual taste preference; Red miso is salty and slightly spicy, while white miso is relatively sweet, and light-coloured miso has a mild flavour.