Lettuce Soup with Springy Minced Dace

For 2
Cooking Time:
20 mins
Swanson Clear Chicken Broth 1L
Minced Dace Fish 200g
Chinese Lettuce 2 bunches
Ginger 3 slices
Water 600mL
Cornstarch as appropriate
Soy Sauce as appropriate
Sugar as appropriate
Sesame Oil as appropriate
White Pepper as appropriate
Scallion as appropriate (chopped)
Coriander as appropriate (chopped)
Chinese lettuce washed and shredded, drained and set aside.
Add 100mL of water, cornstarch, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, sesame oil and scallion to minced dace fish. Mix well. Stir in one direction until turned into very sticky paste. Flatly plated and set aside.
In a pot, add Swanson Clear Chicken Broth, 500mL water and ginger, bring to boil over medium high heat.
Use a spoon to scrape the minced dace paste into medium size pin noodle shape and add into the soup, then add lettuce when the meat floats. Turn off the heat and finish cooking by the residual heat.
Add sesame oil, white pepper and coriander according to own preference and serve.

  1. Stir minced dace fish into very sticky paste helps to achieve smooth and springy texture.
  2. Do not cover the pot after adding lettuce to avoid them turning yellowish.
  3. Can add preserved eggs (diced) after minced dace are boiled according to own preference to enhance mouthfeel.