Oden – Japanese Fish Cake Stew

For 2
Swanson Pork Bone Broth 500mL
Chikuwa (Fish Roll) 1 roll (sliced)
Japanese Fish Cake 1 roll
Stuffed Fried Tofu Pouches 2 pcs
Konnyaku (Japanese Yam Cake) 1 pc
Radish 1/2 pc
Shiitake (Japanese Mushroom) 4 pcs
Japanese Soy Sauce 1 tbsp
Mirin 3 tbsp
In a pot, bring Swanson Pork Bone Broth to boil, then mix well with Japanese soy sauce and mirin.
Add radish and shiitake mushroom to cook until softened, then add other ingredients. Bring all contents to boil and serve.

Cooking with large number of vegetables makes the soup more tasteful and reduces calories.