Bamboo Pith Roll with Golden Corn

For 4
Cooking Time:
30 mins
Swanson Pork Bone Broth 500mL
Red Bell Pepper 1 pc
Yellow Bell Pepper 1 pc
Asparagus 4 stalks
Mushroom 2 pcs
Bamboo Pith 8 pcs
Cream Style Sweet Corn 250mL
Goji Berry 4 pcs
Bamboo pith soaked in water for few minutes, cut off the hard tips on both sides, then cut into thin strips.
Red and yellow bell pepper, asparagus and mushroom cut into thin strips, then stuff into the softened bamboo piths neatly until full.
Steam the bamboo rolls for 3-5 mins until fully cooked, then set aside onto a deep plate.
Cook cream style sweet corn with Swanson Pork Bone Broth briefly, then pour onto the bamboo rolls. Put goji berry on top and serve.

Can serve witha dash of white pepper to enhance delicate flavour.